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I will put the spotlight on your business.

Public Relations

Let me use my 24+ years in TV to help make your business and people shine.

Social On Site

My digital team will give your event a Hollywood touch as it’s happening.  

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Media Relations

I’ll find a diverse face to give your story depth and expertise.

Client News Ticker

Here's a glimpse at some of my clients making headlines in the community.

Sister Bond

My friends I feel helpless. Watching my sister go through the most difficult time in her…

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NBA star Jayson Williams brings Thanksgiving to Riviera Beach

Former NBA star Jayson Williams is in the house. Known as a monster rebounder in the…

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Meet the Riviera Beach Police K-9 team

The Riviera Beach Police Department has a new nose on the force. The department welcomed K-9…

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Dr. Raphi Wald

BOCA RATON — Dr. Raphi Wald is a licensed psychologist based out of Boca Raton. He’s also…

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